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Install Instructions

1. Remove your plate and existing screws, pop out the inserts with a flat head screwdriver

(where the screw goes into the vehicle frame behind your licence plate there is a square plastic piece, this is the insert)

2. Hold your plate in place over the holes and push the larger outer piece of your new fastener into the hole until it is flush and firmly in place (Keep in mind image placement and insert accordingly)

3. Take the smaller inner piece with the design, make sure it is facing the direction you desire then insert into the hole of the first piece until you hear a click or it is completely flush

* For vehicles with no inserts to change out, drill the existing hole with a 1/4"drill bit and insert fastener as in step 2 and 3 above

* There is more than 1 option for mounting

* Bracket may be required

* This DOES NOT work with most reflective/protective covers

Contact GR8-PL8 Fasteners for further assistance.

Standard Install Instructional Video (with inserts)

Motorbike Install Instructional Video

Bracket Mounting Install Instructional Video

This process is for when one has vehicles that have metal screw inserts or non-interchangeable screw inserts behind their licence plate.

*Will only work with the size that is described on the front of the product display card as "USE WITH PLATE ONLY" "CAN BE USED WITH A BRACKET"

Contact me for an exchange in set sizes should you require to use a bracket and have the size saying "USE WITH A FRAME" or "USE WITH A FRAME OR PLATE ALONE". Exchanges due to size are free as long as I get the original set back and it HAS NOT been used.

Install on Plastic Bumper, No Inserts Instructional Video

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